Humanity in Danger

Béla Faragó and Paweł Warchoł - Drawings

04.04.2016 bis 06.05.2016

Israeli Cultural Institute
Budapest, 1061 Paulay Ede street 1
Vernissage: Monday, 04.04.2016, 06:00 p.m.
Opening: Dr. Vered Glickman, Executive Director
Welcoming: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Budapest
Greeting: Martin K. Kreß, Gallery Destillarta
Laudation: Egri György, Szobrász
Music: Andrea Haffner, Zita Novak, Violin - Csaba Babacsi, Bratsche, Tibor Wambach, Cello (Mozart - D-dur Divertimento)
Duration of the exhibition: 04. April 2016 – 06. May 2016

This exhibition is supported by the
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Budapest

This exhibition portrays the topics of religion and belief based on the spontaneous inspirations of the artists’ personal experiences. If given a systematic plan, the work may have produced a very different picture of the current discussions taking place in various communities and throughout the media about religion, belief and the Church. Instead, the exhibition represents the artists’ personal views, guiding us through their thoughts and experiences. These are not necessarily of a critical nature, but rather offer the manifold features of the colorful world of religiosity.
(Dr. Vered Glickman, ISI Budapest)